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Anglin, C. D.,, Ed. / GOLD IN THE YELLOWKNIFE GREESTONE BELT, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES: RESULTS OF THE EXTECH III MULTIDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH PROJECT, GAC SP No. 3, St. Johns, 2006, cl, 442 pages, cd in pocket, - 1 -, $ 129 [Contents: Historical Background; Regional geology of the Yellowknife Greenstone Belt; Mineral Deposits and regional metallogenic studies; Exploration technology; Data Integration; Appendicies; details of cd content]

Colpron, M. and Nelson, J., Ed. / PALEOZOIC EVOLUTION AND METALLOGENY OF PERICRATONIC TERRANES AT THE ANCIENT PACIFIC MARGIN, GAC SP No. 45, St. Johns, cl, 523 pages, 1 plate and cd in pocket, - 1 -, $ 111

Goodfellow, W. D., Ed. / MINERAL DEPOSITS OF CANADA: A SYNTHESIS OF MAJOR DEPOSIT TYPES, DISTRICT METALLOGENY, THE EVOLUTION OF GEOLOGICAL PROVINCES AND EXPLORATION METHODS, Geological Association of Canada SP No. 5, St. Johns, 2007, cl, 1061 pages, - 1 -, $ 120 [Major topics: Introduction and Mining History: Synthesis of Major Deposit-Types; Metallogeny of Major Deposit-Types; Metallogeny of Major Mining Districts; Evolution and Metallogeny of Canadian Geological Provinces; Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration Methods; 4 DVD’s included containing 1. Spreadsheets of key attributes of ore deposits in Canada and Worldwide, 2. ArcGIS database of mineral deposits, 3. Ore photo library of VMS Deposits, SEDEX Deposits, MVT Deposits, Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE Deposits, Porphyry Deposits, Lode Gold Deposits; 4. Digital file of all figures and tables from book, 5. Endnote bibliography, and 6. PDF’s of all papers in volume]

Gower, C. F., Rivers, T., and Ryan, A. B., / MID-PROTEROZIC LAURENTIA-BALTICA, GAC SP No. 38, St. Johns, 1990, cl, 581 pages, -1 -, $ 49

Kirkam, R. V., Sinclair, W. D., Thorpe, R. I., and Duke, J. M. / MINERAL DEPOSIT MODELING, Geological Association of Canada SP No. 40, St. Johns, 1993, cl, 770 pages, - 3 -, $ 160

Lewry, J. F. and Stauffer, M. A.. Ed. / THE EARLY PROTEROZOIC TRANS-HUDSON OROGEN OF NORTH AMERICA, GAC SP No. 37, St. Johns, 1990, cl, 505 pages, - 1 -, $ 49

Lydon, J. W., / THE GEOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENT OF THE SULLIVAN DEPOSIT, BRITISH COLUMBIA, GAC SP No. 1, St. Johns, 2000, cl, 834 pages, additional tables and appendices on cd (in pocket), - 1 -, $ 149

Short Course Notes

Corriveau, L. and Mumin, H. / EXPLORING FOR IRON OXIDE COPPER-GOLD DEPOSITS: CANADA AND GLOBAL ANALOGUES, Geological Association of Canada Short Course Notes 20, St. Johns, 2012, pb, 185 pages, - 1 -, $ 72

Keays, R. R., Ed. / DYNAMIC PROCESSES IN MAGMATIC ORE DEPOSITS AND THEIR APPLICATION TO MINERAL EXPLORATION, Geological Association of Canada, Short Course Notes No. 13, St. Johns, 1999, spiral bound, 477 pages, - 1 -, $ 111 [Contents: Evaluation of the role of fluids in Ni-Cu-PGE bearing, mafic-ultramafic systems; fractionation of Ni, Cu and the noble metals in silicate and sulphide liquids; fundamentals of heat and particle transport in silicate melts; Mass balance and mixing in magmatic sulphide systems; geology of the Pechenga ore deposits - a review with comments, much more....]

Lentz, D. R., Ed. / ALTERATION AND ALTERATION PROCESSES ASSOCIATED WITH ORE-FORMING SYSTEMS, GAC Short Course Notes Volume 11, St. Johns, 1994, spiral bound, 467 pages, -1 -, $ 111 [Contents: Graphic view of hydrothermal mineral stability relations; vector diagrams for the composiiton of alteration minerals; Oxidation and Sulphidation Reactions; Alteration factors affecting ore deposition; Lithogeochemical exploration for hydrothermal ore deposits using Pearce Element ratio analysis, much more...]

Linnen, R. L. and Samson, I. M., Ed. / RARE-ELEMENT GEOCHEMISTRY AND MINERAL DEPOSITS, Geological Association of Canada SCN No. 17, St. Johns, 2005, pb, 342 pages, - 1 -, $ 99

Lowe, C., Thomas, M. D., and Morris, W. A. / GEOPHYSICS IN MINERAL EXPLORATION, FUNDAMENTALS AND CASE HISTORIES, GAC Short Course Notes No. 14, St. Johns, 1999, spiral bound, 175 pages, - 1 -, $ 111 [Contents: Borehole geophysics in subsurface mapping; Ni-Cu Sulphide Deposits....; Volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits; Gravity and Magnetic methods in Mineral Exploration; Basic principles of seismic relection methods in Mineral Exploration]

Wyman, D. A., Ed. / TRACE ELEMENT GEOCHEMISTRY OF VOLCANIC ROCKS: APPLICATIONS FOR MASSIVE SULPHIDE EXPLORATION, GAC Short Cource Notes No. 12, St. Johns, 1996, spiral bound, 402 pages, - 1 -, $ 111 [Contents: Trace Element Systematics of Igneous Rocks in Mineral Exploration; Basalt discrimination diagrams; Systematics in silicic magmas; Exploration geochemistry of Komatiites; much more]

Miscellaneous Publications

Marshall, D., Auglin, C. D., and Hamid, M. / ORE MINERAL ATLAS, Geological Association of Canada, St. Johns, 2011, spiral bound, 112 pages, - 1 -, $ 60 [Lists ore minerals in alphabetical order with photographs and thin section images, distinguishing features, modes of occurrence, references]

Thompson, A. J. B., / ATLAS OF ALTERATION: A FIELD AND PETROGRAPHIC GUIDE TO HYDROTHERMAL ALTERATION MINERALS, Geological Association of Canada, St. Johns, 1996, pb, 119 pages, -1 -, $ 80 [Contents: Lists hydrothermal minerals in alphabetical order with their classification of alteration, typical mineral assemblages, standard terminology, environment of formation, characteristics, related minerals, discussion, references of photographs (macro and micro) for each]

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