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November / December 2018 Sale
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The 20% off everything sale continues when you buy at least two items from most catalogs on this website. 


Most catalogs also have serious markdowns on individual items already (prior to taking the 20% discount).


The catalogs listed below have new, larger discounts, ranging from 50% to 60% when you buy any 5 (or more) items from any of these catalogs.  I am raising the minimum purchase to 5 with these larger discounts so I hopefully break even (in the long run).  I am making it easy to purchase from any catalogs at the same time.   Example:  You could purchase all 5 items from one catalog below.  Or you could purchase 1 book from each of 5 catalogs listed below, the discount on each item will be the discount % listed at the top of each catalog you select from.  If you would like to include items from any other catalog on the website (not listed below) with a 20% discount at the same time, the discount for those items would be 20%.  I will handle the math.  You will receive a total with discounts applied prior to proceeding with your order.  Just find items you want now or will need later.  I am not quitting, just moving and changing company directions slightly.


Many of these catalogs below will be deleted. 


If you would like to adopt part of all of any of these catalogs please make me a proposal


Special items included below include: 1) the 2nd Geological Survey of Pennsylvania volumes from the Pennsylvania 2 catalog.  Most of a complete set is still on the shelf.  Someone might like to purchase that set.  2)  All of the California State Mineralogist Reports  in the California 2 catalog are now included in this sale.  3) Almost a complete run of annual reports covering the early mining in British Columbia in the Canadian Catalog. There are other treasures you will find in the catalogs below.  First come, first served.




California 2:


Catalogs and Handbooks:

CircumPacific Catalog:




Illinois 1:

Illinois 2:






New Hampshire:

New Jersey:

New York 1:

New York 2:  New York II Catalog


Oregon 1:

Oregon 2:

Original Railroad Catalog:

Pennsylvania 1:

Pennsylvania 2:



South America:


Virginia 1:

Virginia 2:

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