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1. O’Neill, J. J. / ST. HILAIRE (BELOEIL) AND ROUGEMONT MOUNTAINS, QUEBEC, Canadian Geological Survey Department of Mines M 43, Ottawa, 1914, pb, 100 pages, map in pocket, - 3 -, $ 55   >>>>Link to Uranium Publications -  [ Uranium ]

2.  Swanson, E. A., Strong, D. F., and Thurlow, J. G. / THE BUCHANS OREBODIES: FIFTY YEARS OF GEOLOGY AND MINING, Waterloo, 1981, cl, two volume set: volume one: text, 350 pages; volume 2, two maps in bound slipcase; Geological Association of Canada Special Paper # 22, $ 100   >>>> Link to Select Mines and Mining Areas - [ Select Mines ]

3.  McKerrow, W. S. and Scotese, C. R., Ed. / 
PALAEOZOIC PALAEOGEOGRAPHY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY, Geological Memoir No. 12, London, 1990, cl, 435 pages, - 2 -, $ 155 [Contents are divided into these sections: Palaeomagnetism & Palaeoclimates, early Palaezoic Biogeography, Silurian - Devonian Biogeography, Carboniferous-Permian Biogeography and Palaeozoic Geography]   - [ Paleobiology ]

4.  Redden, J. A. and Dewitt, E. / 

5.  Lipman, P. W. /
GEOLOGIC MAP OF THE CENTRAL SAN JUAN CALDERA CLUSTER, SOUTHWEST COLORADO, 34 pages, 4 map sheets, includes a sealed database cd, $ 20 - [ USGS I Maps - 6

6. Anglin, C. D.,, Ed. /
GOLD IN THE YELLOWKNIFE GREESTONE BELT, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES: RESULTS OF THE EXTECH III MULTIDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH PROJECT, GAC SP No. 3, St. Johns, 2006, cl, 442 pages, cd in pocket, - 1 -, $ 129 [Contents: Historical Background; Regional geology of the Yellowknife Greenstone Belt; Mineral Deposits and regional metallogenic studies; Exploration technology; Data Integration; Appendices; details of cd content]  -  [ Select Mines ]

7. Dickins, J. M.,, Ed. / LATE PALEOZOIC AND EARLY MESOZOIC CIRCUM-PACIFIC EVENTS AND THEIR GLOBAL CORRELATION, World and Regional Geology 10, Cambridge, 1997, cl, 245 pages, - 2 -, $ 55 - [ Paleobiology ]

8.  Klein, G. D., Ed. /

9.  Dietl, G. P. and Flessa, K. W., Ed. /
CONSERVATION PALEOBIOLOGY: USING THE PAST TO MANAGE FOR THE FUTURE, The Paleontological Society Papers, Volume 15, GSA Annual Meeting, Portland, 2009, pb, 285 pages, - 2 -, $ 50 -  [ Paleobiology ]

10.  Sartorio, D. and Venturini, S. /
SOUTHERN TETHYS BIOFACIES, San Donato Milanese, 1988, cl, 235 pages, - 3 -, $ 295 [Atlas illustrates biofacies of the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Eastern Aftrica] - [ Invertebrate Paleontology ]

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